Development Process

Development Process

▲In the 90s of last century, Company started an undertaking

▲In 2002 May, President Gao Guangyin and Jin Xianglong , President of South Korean Weilu Trading Corporation, signed an agreement in Bozhou to build Chinese herbal medicine company

▲In 2004 the first batch of national certification of pieces of Chinese medicine production enterprise

▲standardized preparation workshop

▲In 2010, Company invested 0.3 billion in industrial park in Bozhou to build Guangyintang production, R & D, and Logistics Park

▲According to EU standards pieces fine packaging production workshop in operation

▲In June and July 2011 President Gao Guangyin with the Ministry of Commerce delegation accompanied Premier Wen on a visit to Hungary and other countries

▲In September, 2011, Anhui Guangyintang Chinese Medicine Co. Limited new plant completion ceremony

▲In October 2011, the company and North Janpan Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd.,Japan reached an agreement to jointly establish the Japanese Han Fangyao production base in Bozhou

▲《North Japan News》Headlines News on the Economic edition reporting GYT joint venture