GAP Base Management Rules

GAP Base Management Rules  

To make products more secure, more healthy and to control strictly the quality of medicines from the source, the company decided to open up the GAP base. To manage the base well, the company established base management organization, and made clear the responsibilities of departments.

Firstly, Our company for long term employes food experts from Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences for technical guidance, and they taught professionally those management personnel and farmers on the base about how to cultivate and plant the crops scientifically as well as the key points about management methods.

Secondly, Contract model base. Our company employed those in the local with herbal medicine planting experience to manage the base, part of the base was entrusted the herbal medicine planting cooperatives to manage, in which some local medicine technical experts joined, among whom are the experts with the skill of Chinese herbal medicine planting, management of Chinese crude drugs and Chinese herbal initial processing and also they are well organized.

Thirdly, Our company sends technical personnel to station there to guide them when planting and harvesting. They draw up good agricultural emplementing rules and put them into practice atrictly according to good agricultural practice standard issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Management Committee for "part II: farm base control points and compliance criteria; part III: crop base control points and compliance criteria and part V: fruit and vegetable control points and compliance criteria”.

Fourthly, In the daily field management, on the basis of standardized terms and GAP implementation manual, we manage scientifically, purchase seeds, fertilizer and plant protection products directly from the formal merchants and keep record of all the activities related to producing and planting. Each year the third party GAP certification organization (Hangzhou Wantai Certification Limited) will review, authenticate and recertificate our base.

Fifthly, Especial in harvesting time, our company will send technical personnel to the base to guide how to harvest the medicinal materials to ensure no loss of Chinese herbal medicine effective component. And in the producion processing, they don’t use any banned pesticides, size grade strictly according to the Chinese herbal medicine grade, sun to earth and dry timely. Generally they take the natural dry way when drying and quantitative packaging using clean bag when packing, and then ship back to the company.