Talent Concept

The company aderes to the talent concept of morality-based talent-selecting, ability-based talent-appointing, achievement-based talent-judging and responsibility-based talent-establishing. with a modern enterprise management mechanism to appoint those able persons, and also we have the ability to put them in the right place.

Talent concept is the basic standard for an enterprise to evaluate, choose, train and make use of talents. Morality is the fundamental base to play well, passion and responsibility are the important driving force to do a good job, ability is the essential condition to do a career, wonderful performance is what a person with both ability and political integrity must obtain. In the selection, evaluation, talent-using, we must adhere to the principle of performance-oriented.

Morality totally means the individual morality, occupation ethicsand and social morolity a man should be in compliance with. Guangyintang just takes human basic ethics and personal quality, occupation ethics as the first standard to inspect and judge a person. Morality determines how a person values and judges things and how to behave.

Passion and responsibility is the spirit to keep struggling to follow the business development goals, the positive and active working attitude, the execution style to carry something out with drive and sweep, the courage to pursuit innovation and the driving force to work actively. We exclude the so-called talent who are petrified, always in the blues, goofs and muddle along. We need a creator full of passion and vitality with the high sense of responsibility.

Ability is the reflection of ability, intelligence and physical performance to gain an outstanding result. We need not only those talents full of abilities, but also those with high professional skills and talents of high level with comprehensive ability and quality. Only those talents who have various kinds of ability can make contributions to the cause of our enterprise better.

Achievements are the basic standard to judge and inspect our personnel. After Guang Yintang makes judgment on morality, passion, responsibility and ability, we are most concerned how they actually performed. Whether or not you are qualified with both ability and political integrity must be reflected and proved by great achievements.